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Tiki Pop, l’Amérique rêve son paradis polynésien

The Quest of Absolute - Benoit Lapray -

Ilya et Emilia Kabakov, Étude pour La Coupole © Ilya et Emilia Kabakov / ADAGP


It has become embedded in the Batswana people to name the offsprings and award names that reflect or depict the great work of God. Every Setswana name revolves around the deeds or aspirations and plans of the Almighty. When looking at the names (illustrated) you will learn that every one of the names reflects on the happiness, sadness and hope brought upon by God. Each name is a symbol to the parents of what they want to see from you or what your birth meant at that moment in time.

C,X,Q,V,J,Z (these alphabets do not exist in the Setswana vocabulary) U,H,Y( these alphabets do exist however we do not have names that begin with them).

Information provided by: Gaopalelwe Nke | Illustration Gifs by Thandiwe Tshabalala a.k.a CMYKaffir.

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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Chromatics, Goethes’s Farbenlehre, 1810. Published by Cotta, Tübingen. The complete book: Via Linda Hall Library, Kansas.

“ Code is Law ”

—    Lawrence Lessig

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Gerd Arntz, Illustration for the children’s book The colorful world – Die bunte Welt, Mengenbilder für die Jugend, 1929. Text by Otto Neurath. Artur Wolf Verlag, Vienna. Source 1 + 2.

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Nosferatu, White Zombie, I walked withe a zombie, Dr Phibes, Batman